What we do

We make your agri-food venture flourish

Agri-food subsectors

  • Cow and goat dairy production and processing
  • Potato, onion and other vegetable production, handling, storage and processing
  • Greenhouse vegetable and flower production
  • Agri-robotics and autonomous automation
  • Pig production and meat processing
  • Broiler production and meat processing
  • Egg production, handling and processing
  • Cassava starch production

Agrix services

  • Development of turnkey food & agricultural projects either stand alone or as a fully integrated production chain
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business planning and modeling
  • Technical and economic auditing and benchmarking
  • Procurement trajectories
  • Quotation assessment
  • Financing trajectories
  • Merger or takeover company assessment
  • Sector assessment

A financial model is a key project development and management tool. If built correctly, it will provide invaluable assistance in developing, understanding, managing, presenting and explaining a business idea or operations. It can assist in the simple budgeting of cash, or it can serve as the primary basis for a valuation of an existing company. Agrix has developed business models for a wide range of agri-food operations. that can easily be adapted to your specific situation.

Every business must access financial resources at some point in their life cycle. These resources can be investors, lenders, or strategic partners. The economic and financial model is the backbone of your business plan.

Flow diagram cassava flour

Agrix standardized its Food and Agriculture (F&A) sector assessment approach for developing countries and for that purpose developed a structured method to assess a country’s agri-food sector, called the “Agrix F&A Scan®”. Just click the AgrInvest logo to find ot more. AgrInvest is a fully owned Agrix subsidiary.