Agrix Food and Agriculture

Turnkey F&A Project Development and Business Planning


Agrix is a Food & Agriculture Project Developer and one of the Leading Dutch F&A Consulting Firms  


  • Agrix supplies services and management support to F&A companies worldwide that intend to set up a new business.
  • Agrix originates from the largest Dutch F&A conglomerate and can be characterized by a down to earth hands-on approach.
  • Agrix was founded over a decade ago and is appreciated worldwide for its high level expertise. 
  • Agrix expertise is both on primary agricultural production and processing of food and feed.
  • Agrix operates worldwide.


  • Development of turnkey food & agricultural projects either stand alone or as a fully integrated production chain
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business planning
  • Technical and economic auditing and benchmarking
  • Procurement trajectories
  • Quotation assessment
  • Financing trajectories
  • Merger or takeover company assessment
  • Sector assessment




  • Cow and goat dairy production and processing
  • Potato, onion and other vegetable production, handling, storage and processing
  • Greenhouse vegetable and flower production
  • Pig production and meat processing
  • Broiler production and meat processing
  • Egg production, handling and processing
  • Cassava starch production

Agrix clientele:

Agrix counts both Dutch and foreign companies of any size amongst its clientele, from SME’s to large corporations. These companies can be active in any food or agriculture sub-sector.

Often it is a company that intends to acquire Dutch processing equipment and needs an integrated economic picture of the new company that includes the supply chain. Usually the processing part of the business is not the most complicated, the equipment supplier will provide a quotation on the required equipment and the processing technology is proven. But the feasibility of the total operation depends merely on the quality, quantity, availability and price of input raw material. Primary production is usually key and is the real challenge in food related processing projects. Agrix is specialized in this integrated chain approach.

Other companies intend to enter into an agriculture or food related business that is new to the initiator. The Netherlands F&A sector is specialized in intensive animal protein production and intensive cropping. Agrix provides the business planning for such ventures that includes the request and assessment of quotations from potential suppliers.

Companies that intend to attract additional finance, soft loans or grants usually need a detailed business plan. Financial institutions require a high standard business plan that includes reliable and realistic calculations. Agrix can provide this.

Agrix is on a regular base employed by Dutch or foreign public institutions like embassies, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that need an assessment of the general F&A status quo of a country and the opportunities it may offer for commercial businesses.

Primary production and input characteristics in terms of quality, volume, price and availability are key to the feasibility and economic performance of any food processing venture.

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